Expert data engineering services …

…including solutions architecture, consulting, and strategic advisory. I reduce costs and bugs, make developers more effective and help technical teams overcome their hardest challenges. All services are provided on a fixed-cost basis.

Solutions Architect

Fractional solutions architect helps technical teams scope projects and solve problems. 1-3 calls each week.


Customized workshops to upskill your team on latest data tools and best practices. Learn more.

Data Engineering Roadmap

In-depth analysis of your business goals, data platform, and in-house skills. Developed callaboratively and delivered as a data architecture plan and roadmap. 4 to 12 weeks.

Strategic Advisory

Expert advice for CTOs, COOs, and other technical leaders on topics of your choosing. One call per month.

Project Development

Greenfield project-based development to help launch your data platform for long-term success. Two-week sprints.


Reduce costs and improve performance of your existing code. Save money and deliver results in record time. Two-week sprints.

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