Custom software built for you…

…and integrated with your existing platform. Our code deploys out of the box with full test coverage. We believe software should be built to own: we want repeat business from satisfied clients, not support tickets.

Data Engineering

Big data and distributed systems using SQL and NoSQL databases.

  • ETL & ingest with Spark
  • Pipelines with Apache Airflow
  • Warehouses with dbt & BigQuery

Web Backend

High traffic, cost-effective websites and APIs that run fast and reliably.

  • Websites with Flask
  • Microservices with FastAPI
  • API integrations with Requests

Cloud DevOps

Reduce AWS and GCP costs, and improve performance and uptime.

  • Clusters with Kubernetes
  • Hybrid clouds with Terraform
  • CI/CD with GitHub

Text Search

Custom search for your data, including crawling, ingest and full text queries.

  • Full text search with Elasticsearch
  • Spiders with Scrapy
  • NLP with Spacy
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