Upskill your data team…

…with expert led workshops on the latest data tools and best practices. These small group classes include three hours of seminar style lecture, one hour of Q&A, and direct instructor access. Custom workshops and shorter talks are available upon request.

All of Data Engineering in Three Hours

A high level overview of modern data platforms, for CTOs/CDOs and software and analytics engineers transitioning to data engineering.

From Notebook to Production: Operating Data Science at Scale

Learn how to take your data science project from a prototype to a robust and scalable production grade application.

Transforming Data Warehouse Architecture with dbt

Learn best practices for effectively using data warehouses, including governance and cost management. Meet dbt, a modern SQL tool that’s transforming data teams.

Baking Data Cakes: Orchestration with Apache Airflow

Build complex and reliable data systems with Apache Airflow, a better alternative to fragile cron jobs or lambdas.

Scoping Data Projects

This interactive class teaches strategies for scoping and architecting data platforms. We’ll collaboratively design a solution to a real world data problem and plan its implementation.

Data Ops: Running Platforms in Practice

Explore solutions to the challenges of running and maintaining a data application, including data quality and observability, testing, and CI/CD.

Data Pipelines and Query Engines

Go beyond the warehouse with complex processing and exotic data types, such as images and text. Special emphasis on optimizing Pandas and Apache Spark.

More Workshops Coming Soon!

Don’t see a class that fits your needs? Contact me and I’ll be happy to design a course for you.

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