As Python experts…

…we’ve been solving software engineering problems for clients worldwide since 2010. We collaborate with key stakeholders at early and mid‑stage companies and help them overcome their hardest technical challenges. We build custom software and provide specialized services to enable growing businesses to rapidly scale their software platforms and engineering teams.

Our consultants all have 10+ years experience in Python, as well as specific expertise in Django, data science, DevOps, web scraping, and refactoring legacy code. We’re founders, authors, conference speakers, and veteran engineers who specialize in getting the job done on time and on budget.

Peter Fein

Pete Fein is the founder and CTO of Snakedev. He’s been programming since age 15 and working exclusively in Python for the past 18 years. A seven time speaker at Pycon US, he’s also presented at conferences by Google, Mozilla, and others. Pete holds a B.A. in Computer Science and Economics from the University of Chicago. He resides in Pittsburgh, where he organizes the local Python Meetup.

Pittsburgh, US
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